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AXIS Environmental, Engineering, Health and Safety are committed to providing our clients with a proactive, professional environmental health and safety service, and have developed a strong client base with some of the largest pharmaceutical, utilities and construction companies in Ireland.  Our approach is unique in the industry, we retain a core professional staff to provide general consultancy services, and we carefully analyse and work with clients to tailor a works package which meets their needs.  We are available 24/7!  This means we have the flexibility to meet the needs of our clients across multiple sectors.  All of the time.

We employ specialised construction industry consultants, safety advisors and specialist engineers to assist clients in the management of health and safety on large capital projects.  We can also provide a range of training services range of training course.  Our tailored services give clients remarkable flexibility in meeting multiple specialist requirements whilst dealing with one specialist service provider, and Axis has the ability and blend of specialist technical skills available to meet customer demands.

Environmental Services

AXIS provides a professionally tailored quality monitoring and environmental consultancy service to both the private and public sector. This service incorporates essential quality measurements, emissions monitoring, pollution control and project management.

Our mission is to provide clients across Ireland and Europe with key quality measurements, pollution project management and abatement service for all types of industry, from planning through to completion. We have a highly skilled professional team working together, using best available technology from across the globe, with practical experience to attain high quality results and continued customer satisfaction.

 We have grown our business based on a quality service fulfilling and exceeding customer requirements. We have extensive knowledge in both science and in quality analysers used for ambient and emissions monitoring. It is our business to nominate, consult, manage, calibrate and report in line with client expectations and legislative requirements on a continuous basis.

 We continuously monitor our service levels, ensuring customers get a high quality service, surpassing initial agreements, on time and on budget. We have transparency arrangements with all our customers to ensure communications between both parties are maintained to a level so that customers feel comfortable the project is in safe hands and they are well informed throughout.

Health and Safety

The safety specialist services we provide to clients include:

  • Safety and environmental due diligence services in major acquisitions and takeovers
  • Dealing with compliance issues and conducting incident investigations
  • Provision of Safety Officer services to pharmaceutical and construction clients
  • PSDP services in water, waste-water and electrical utilities
  • Construction Safety Services including HAVS Monitoring, Noise, Dust, Vibration
  • Workforce Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services
  • Accident Investigations
  • Lifting Specialist Services and Lifting Plans

Safety and environmental due diligence services in major acquisitions and takeovers

Our clients often call us to provide assistance during takeovers, liquidations and major project acquisitions.  We are able to discreetly provide a comprehensive service to assess safety and environmental liabilities, review insurance claims, and provide accurate reports to funding organisations during acquisitions.

Dealing with compliance issues and conducting incident investigations

We often get called by our smaller clients to help out when there are challenging issues in safety compliance, dealing with enforcement and improvement notices and engaging with the Health & Safety Authority on behalf of clients when necessary.

Provision of Safety Officer services to pharmaceutical and construction clients

Our clients value the services we have provided through the years, and frequently come to rely on us to provide specialist advice and safety support services on site.  We have a number of staff deployed at sites across the country.  We evaluate your needs and match up experience, skills and service to meet your business demands.

PSDP services in water, waste-water and electrical utilities

Our PSDP service is tailored to clients specific requirements.  We often find that meeting the regulatory requirements can often be improved with the assistance of good PSDP support.  We utilise the services of a general co-ordinator, and able to provide crucial advice which makes a real contribution to the development of safer designs by using specialists in their field.  The tradecraft we can offer surpasses many traditional consultancies, as we garner expert advice depending on the works and the clients we work with.  Form complete engineering projects in pharmaceutical to wastewater treatment plants and renewable energy developments, our specialists will ensure design risk is managed and that the works are co-ordinated amongst the contractors and the PSCS.  Our PSDPs can follow client standard processes, and we also have our own comprehensive design risk management process, from design registers to competency assessments.

Construction Safety Services including HAVS Monitoring, Noise, Dust, Vibration

We have the equipment and capabilities to provide a broad range of health related services, from compliance monitoring to proactive staff training and awareness days.  We work in manufacturing, pharmaceutical and on construction projects providing a prompt turnaround in reports so we can get solutions to issues fast.

Workforce Occupational Health and Well being Services

The General Application Regulations requires employers to conduct various risk assessments based on occupational health surveys in the workplace.  We provide the technical end to the service, and can arrange to provide health and well being services with RGN occupational health nurses.  We provide a range of testing services depending on Client Drug & Alcohol policies at work.

Accident & Incident Investigations

We only deal with specialist investigations such as environmental hazardous emissions and operational failures during highly specialist tasks.  We have been involved in investigations where there have been technical failures during lifting operations on construction sites, and have conducted investigations in response to peat bursts and effluent contamination of rivers and lakes.

Lifting Specialist Services and Lifting Plans

We have links with highly specialised technical experts who can review complex lifting plans and operational setup for the transfer of large industrial vessels, bulk containers and we have specialists who have extensively worked in training with the IWEA and in the renewable energy sector.


Axis Environmental began trading in 2006 and since its inception the company has grown from strength to strength expanding its range and type of service whilst building relationships and accredited support services in the form of affiliated companies,


Air Scientific

IAS Laboratories

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