Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

AXIS Environmental Services offers a comprehensive air monitoring and sampling service to industry, including;

AXIS Environmental Services stack emissions monitoring subcontracts all IPPC licenced air emissions work through its 17025 accredited air emissions monitoring sister company, Air Scientific Ltd. (ASL). ASL is accredited to ISO 17025 by INAB.

AXIS Environmental Services have the capability to monitor and analyse ambient air quality.

Air Monitoring

Axis Environmental Services provide a large range of occupational air monitoring in line with NIOSH and OSHA standards. Occupational air monitoring is undertaken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and to ensure the employer meets their legislative requirements.

AXIS environmental services complete air dispersion modelling as part of environmental impact assessments for emissions to atmosphere and computer modelling for new and existing industries. Assessments, case scenarios and adjustments can be made to the projects to ensure EC Directives are not contravened as result of the proposed development.


Other Air Monitoring Services Include:


Hydrogen FluorideHydrogen Chloride
Acid GasesHydrogen Sulphide
Speciated VOCsTotal VOCs
Dioxins/ FuransOxides of Sulphur
Oxides of NitrogenCarbon Monoxide
Moisture ContentHalogens & Halides
Total AcidsMercury
PM10, 2.5PCB’s

In conjunction with the above air emissions monitoring, Axis Environmental provide a 24 hour call out service.


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