Environmental Liability Risk Assessments

AXIS environmental services meet the EPA’s requirements of Competent Independent Consultants to assist companies achieve compliance with Environmental Liability Risk Assessments (ELRA) requirements under the Environmental Liability Directive. We use a systematic approach to cover all sections of Environmental Liabilities including:

  • Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment
  • Closure, Residuals, Aftercare, and Management Plans (CRAMP or RMP)
  • Preparation of Financial Provisions
  • Insurance Applications.

The directive requires companies to ensure measures are in place to avoid environmental incidents occurring and imposes strict liability on those who cause environmental damage. The legislation covered under the directive includes:

  • The IPPC Directives
  • The Waste Framework Directive
  • The Landfill Directive
  • The Waste Incineration Directive
  • The Industrial Emissions Directive.

It is essential for companies to understand the cost implications of an environmental incident on site, or historical damage that will require remediation during site closure. It is therefore very important that this is carried out by competent personnel to ensure the site has attained adequate cover to meet the requirements of the directive.

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