Environmental, Engineering and Safety Services

Environmental, Engineering and Safety Services
Delivering top quality customer service is a hugely significant part of our business strategy at AXIS Environmental, Engineering and Safety Services. Our business strategy is driven by the macroeconomic environment in which our customers operate and is also underpinned by our value system which is defined in three core disciplines: Excellence, Innovative & Responsible.

Excellence is the primary value underpinning the AXIS business strategy. We are and will continue to be a strong, reliable partner through delivering excellent results to our customers.

The strategic objective behind our second value is to be known by our customers as a trusted adviser. To achieve this we constantly strive to increase our knowledge of our customers business and demonstrate that our service adds value to their designs, developments, products, policies and contributions.

Since our inception we have concentrated our efforts into becoming an industry benchmark in customer service, consultancy and monitoring. Our approach has always been to incorporate our customers into a unique package, meeting and exceeding customer requirements while maintaining open communications throughout projects to guarantee customer confidence.

Our Commitment:
We have an innovative and unique approach to the way we deliver our services. We offer a flexible approach and choice of service contracts. We are original in our use of processes and systems to deliver high performance services. We recognize that when we deliver service to our customers, we are actually carrying out business on their behalf. The essence of long term partnership is trust and our history of service leadership and orientation make us the reliable partner of choice.

Our Mission
AXIS provides a professionally tailored Environmental, Engineering and Safety Consultancy service to both the private and public sector. This service incorporates essential quality measurements, monitoring, modelling, control, consultancy and project management. Our mission is to provide clients across Ireland and Europe with key information and consultancy to ensure that their projects are completed to the highest standard.

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